Match Report

Match Report - 02 Nov 2019, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds lost to Oxenhope Res

So it was the first game back after the god damn awful down pour which cancelled many games across Britain.

The Mods were up against a keen and capable Oxenhope team who have always caused top teams problems, the weather may have been miserable the hopes of a result were not.

Some last-minute drop outs this week to the managers disgust meant many young mods heroes were called upon. The mods started off slow with their opponents looking to get goals early on. Pinging balls over the top and to the wide men. The defence was strong like Mitchell's marvellous long locks, however Oxenhope managed to squeeze in a goal. The defence held off strong and towards the later minutes of the first half the Mods started to get a hold of the game.

Half time.

Second half. The mods have a great spell in which they actually start to move the ball around and get a well-deserved goal back. But as the minutes drained so did the Mods legs, Oxenhope started to push for that all important goal to put them back out in front. They get it and another. Oxenhope start to slow off and ease the pressure. At 3 -1 down, with 25 minutes left to play the gaffer decided to roll the dice and risk it to try and nick a few goals back, and potentially grab a point our of the game. He changed the formation leaving 3 at the back and the rest of the players running riot. The risk doesn't pay off and Oxenhope grab another 3 goals on quick counter breaks as the tired Mods struggle to track back after their attacks.

Overall a frustrating game in which the score line didn't reflect the performance, but signs if improvement across the squad and signs of passion a guile are starting to now finally starting to set into the settling squad.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds 1 - 6 Oxenhope Res ()

Name Goals Details
1 Josh Smith  
2 Mitchell Buxton  
3 David Cowie  
4 Jeremy Currell  
5 James France  
6 Wasim Khan  
7 Liam Giovanni Assalone  
8 James Brightling  
9 Liam Dove  
10 Charlie Glossop  
11 Sam Langley  
12 Daniel Kluska  
13 Hugo Sach  
14 Jack Sewell  
15 Paul Hurrell  
16 Ryan Capitano  
17 sam norris   1
18 Tony Mullin  
19 Oliver Bausor  
20 Callum Robinson  
21 Chris Roy  
22 A.N. Other  
23 A.N. Other  
24 A.N. Other  
25 A.N. Other