Match Report

Match Report - 29 Nov 2008, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds beat Agnes Stewart OB

Another week, another win. If only Ramos and Keane had had such an understanding boss as chairman Smythe, things could have been very different. Rumour has it Paul Ince has been onto (previously beleaguered 2nd team boss) Mullin for some excuses. Whilst gleefully accepting ideas such as "injuries" "unsettled side" "bad luck" and "'so called' good players letting me down" he was not so sure about "first team nicking all the best players", "the club pitch is too big" or "Saturday morning drop outs are killing us". He'll learn.

A fantastic performance from front to back. After riding our luck a bit in the first half, goals from Atkins and Williams (3 in 3) knocked the stuffing out of Agnes and it could have been more as Mods played some lovely football in the last 30 minutes on a very dodgy pitch. A strong squad played a big part, with fine second half substitute performances from Domeney and Campbell.

MOM Rob Wright

Agnes Stewart OB 1 - 2 Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Tom Barnfield  
2 Robbie Wood  
3 Wayne Fitch  
4 Paul Worsnop  
5 William Brown  
6 Andrew Atkins   1
7 Danny Clemence  
8 Tommy Stenger  
9 Josh Williams   1
10 Rob Wright  
11 Stewart Featherstone  
12 Paul Domeney   55 mins for Wayne Fitch
13 Matty Campbell   60 mins for Stewart Featherstone
14 Tony Mullin   Kept in reserve