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Match Report - 22 Aug 2020, Leeds Modernians Football Club Reserves beat Leeds Medics

Saturday 12th August 2020 – Leeds Modernians vs Leeds Medics

-- 1st half --

Medics GOAL 0 - 1.
Too much time in the middle of the park, no pressing. The medics midfield play the ball out to left back who’s fairly central, about 30 yards out, 1st time lofted curled ball into the box that ends up in the far corner over keepers head.

Mods GOAL 1-1.
Mods throw near Medics corner on right side. Gill takes ball down from the throw, drives past his man on the turn to the byline and drills a ball across 6 yard box, defender has no choice but to deal with it and puts into own net.

The game is starting to stretch, with some good mods pressing, and in numbers, especially from front two causing Medics problems at the back. Good football down the right hand side between Adam Gillot, with Reiss Silva heavily involved over next 10 mins. Restricting Medics to hopeful passes. Mods on top and some tidy possession at times

Gillot dominates ground battles for the ball and his aerial battles. Matt Skelton keeps the Mods ticking, with some good work down the right. The Mods are still guilty of a few rushed forward passes when possession turns over our half, we need to keep the ball and gain yardage and play percentages especially going up hill first half.

Sloppy mods corner defending, cleared off our line. Too many watching ball and not taking control.

Sub - Josh Naylor Replaced by Wasim Khan. Like-for-like change.

40 to 45
A ball clipped ball down our right side from Medics, a combination of good pressing from Medics and a lapse in concentration from the back four leaves a rushed clearance to rebound to edge of our box. Gibbo with no option other than ball and man, mainly man, not so much ball. Broken nose, plenty of claret, and sub made.

MISSED, by a long way! Griggs off the hook

45 – mods corners into dangerous areas nothing cones of them.

Overall good half, some rushed passes later in the 1st half, trying to counter too quickly and trying 2/10 balls, some good pressing from front 2, good territorial domination from Gillot good options from Reiss, always winning ball back quickly after turnover. Overall a good half, few areas that need a bit more work.

A good half from Mods, who won the majority of individual battles and 50/50''s. Very pleasing.

Sub - Scott Morrison replaced by Nathan Hunt, a reshuffle. Francey to left back, Reiss to left wing, Skelly to right back and Nathan in at Number 8.

-- 2nd half --

Most of play in Medics half. Good play down the left with Reiss giving problems to their RB.

Less combative and pressing, bit of Medics possession. Struggling down our right hand side a bit temporarily. Mods pressure picked up, starting to get on top in Medics half.

Skelly takes ball 25 yards out, central, from a pass from his left. He lays it to Gill on his right who drives diagonally into the right side of the box and drills to the far bottom left. Great finish from a quiet Gill in this 2nd half so far
Reduced tempo, bit of a midfield game no real dominance from either side

25 MAJOR INJURY SCARE... PLAY IS STOPPED.... Because Francey is being a pussy wanting to come off.... because he has a bruise.

Sub: Liam Dove replace by Pierre Domel. Skelly to right back, Pierre added to the right wing.

25 to 30
Medics looking pretty tired and leggy on the ball across the middle areas of the pitch, mods winning balls back easily, but few scrappy medics fouls and few scrappy mods passes mean not much comes of it. Better composure needed from the mods men! We’re stooping to their level a bit here!

30 to 40
Same again, couple of scrappy fouls, couple of slack passes from mods. But there have been a few mods moves into the box, good through ball to Kyle in there as well, one touch in the box but can’t finish from central area with two men trying to close him down. Good possession play from Nathan last 15 mins, good ball retention and some clever link ups to keep the ball and win fouls.

Last 10
Just keep the ball, too many 20 yard passes going astray when we can simplify the game. Medics looking very tired, our game has dropped a bit and its a shame because Medics are there for a beating.

Final result Mods 2-1 Medics. Francey Motm, good displays from Gillot (1st half especially) and Reiss, Nathan (2nd half sub) and Skelly, good work rate from everyone, and very few chances given away.

Overall just need to remain composed and not fall into the easy trap of slipping down a gear or two when the other team is struggling. Plenty of positives from today though!

Report courtesy of Sam Langley

Leeds Modernians Football Club Reserves 2 - 1 Leeds Medics ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 James Flint  
3 Scott Morrison  
4 Matt Skelton  
5 Nick Stubley  
6 Daniel Kluska  
7 James France  
8 A.N. Other  
9 Josh Naylor  
10 Kyle Mangan  
11 Adam Gillott   1
12 Wasim Khan  
13 Sam Griggs  
14 Liam Dove  
15 Pierre Domel  
16 Nathan Hunt  
17 A.N. Other   1 Own Goal
18 A.N. Other  
19 A.N. Other  
20 A.N. Other  
21 Josh Smith  
22 Nick Powell  
23 Daniel Greig  
24 Oliver Bausor  
25 Chris Roy