Match Report

Match Report - 31 Jan 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds beat East Leeds Trinity OB

A near perfect performance, against a very decent side who the week before had been top of the league. Mods started strongly, scored a goal, got better and by the end the 'very decent' Trinity side looked utterly beaten, clueless and focussed only on falling out between themselves. Debutant Adam Binns terrorised their defence from start to finish with pace and direct running and whilst he failed to convert any of his chances (most of which he created for himself), it mattered not as (an effervescent) Tom Breider, Danny Clemence and William Brown scored the goals that were the least we deserved. Chris Roy, at wing back for God's sake, rolled back the (many) years and by the end was toying with their demoralised right side. Stenger, Clemence and Bowman controlled the midfield, working prodigiously to create a platform for subsequent footballing dominance. Happy days.

MOM Chris Roy

Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds 3 - 0 East Leeds Trinity OB ()

Name Goals Details
1 Tom Barnfield  
2 Tom Breider   1
3 Tommy Stenger  
4 Byron Wilkinson  
5 Ian Vinall  
6 Chris Roy  
7 Tony Mullin  
8 William Brown   1
9 Ben Bowman  
10 Adam Binns  
11 Danny Clemence   1
12 Andrew Atkins   70 mns for Ben Bowman
13 Robbie Wood   80 mins for Tony Mullin
14 Ben Walker   85 mins for byron wilkinson