Match Report

Match Report - 17 Jan 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Old Modernians III

Match Report
Sat 17th Jan 2009
Mods IV vs Mods III
Score: 1 - 5 (HT 1-2)

Well.....what can i say.....'bollocks' springs to mind....i could be churlish and claim that when luck and decisions were needed, the 3rds got them at the right time, but i can't be arsed with that, you make your own luck...i'll just keep this report short and sweet and say...
First off, congratulations to the thirds, a deserved victory, the team played well, battled from first to last, wanted the game more, took their chances and worked bloody hard all game.

I thought the experience of the lads in the 3rds showed, the spirit that i remember from last years team that i played in (5ths) was there, and that extra bit of quality from last year's unlucky 4ths team added to this spirit.

The 3rds are a quality team.

Two individuals, in a very good team performance, stood out, Besty at the back (aided by the evergreen George) was superb, sweeping up, closing down and pretty much had Carl and John in his pocket all game.
The second, and was my overall man of the match, was Binnsy. I've played with Binnsy a few times and he has always impressed (usually just tucked behind as his full back, whislt he bombs off up the wing), never gives up, has good skills with the ball at his feet, looks to do the simple things first, can play on either wing or up front and finally there is his pace.....too fast for me.....every time Binnsy got the ball, it was a case of, shit he's off again.

Although his second goal from a corner was technically an own goal by the stand in keeper Scot (Scot, not your fault fella, you've been brilliant all season, and the fact that you offered to go in goal for the team at half time highlights what a great lad you are), i'm happy to give it to Binnsy for he deserved it.
Well played Binnsy.

As for the fourth's.....well this was our 4th game this season without a keeper and we have lost each time. This was the third game that we have gone behind first and we've lost each time. This was the third time that when we have had chances and not had the rub of the green in front of goal the team deflates instantly with no response, until it is too late. This was in another words another lesson for the team.
For myself as a Captain....i need to up my game in terms of stepping up to the plate and making sure that i encourage the lads to do likewise, i understand and accept this. Having said that, it is every individuals responsibility to do likewise, 1 person cannot be expected to do it all.
We need to start playing the type of football that we know we are capable of, and have done simple football, passing to feet, moving on and off the ball, playing with no fear, no panic stations, look to spread the ball wide, and most important of all work bloody hard as a team from first to last whistle, no matter what the scoreline is.

In other words, we need to shake things up a bit.
Our first target still remains 24 points that will ensure that we are not under any pressure of the drop.
We are capable of this and i believe we will achieve this. But, if heads drop, hearts sink, the work rate shirks, and individuals start to wander not sticking to their 'jobs' on the pitch, then we will, as will any team that does this, struggle.

The two penalty incidents highlighted this situation. I let the lads in the team argue it out amongst themselves on purpose to see what happened and also for them to realise by their own actions what does happen when you do this. It fucks up. The penalty incidents were a sham; pathetic penalties, it was embarassing.
From now on if there is any doubt about who does what, there will be no arguing, bitching, sulking or anything like that. It is simple. The Captain decides, and that is final. End of.

Comments such as ' what are you going to do from there?', 'i can do a better job than you', 'give me the ball i'm taking it, no i'm taking it, no iam, no i am', and the one who loses the verbal spat then walks off and sulks, at free kicks, corners and other incidents just gets on my fucking nerves and it has to stop.
Team mates encourage, they don't bitch.
Team mates, if criticising, then it's constructive criticism, and if this is the case, it's listened to and not given a verbal come back.
Simple as that.

I wanted to have a rant and rave about all kinds of things both at half time and in the dressing room afterward, but i kept my counsel and temper in check as a 5 - 1 defeat in a derby is bad enough without me banging on.
However, from now on i will.
Time for me to step up onto that plate.

On a positive not, when we did play our football, i thought we did well.
I'm made up fro John that he has finally got a goal.
And in a game when most players in the team had an off day, there was one lad who shone for the 4th's.
He's another of the young lads in the team (17), started off in the 5th's and when the opportunity came for him to play in the 4th's he took it with both hands.
This was his 3rd game in the team and each time i've been impressed with a. his desire to keep working, b. his athleticism, c. his pace, and d. his ability to work the wing with intelligence.... he's a quiet lad, but he lets his footy do the talking for him.....that's Joel B.
Joel Beaumont....The 4th's M.O.M....well played Joel.

To next week's game.....away at Colton.
I'm glad that it is Colton...they are a good team (played together a few years now, and their Captain believes this is their year and that things fall into place for them and get promotion....seems to be the case, they are top of the league), they exhibit all the desire that any team worth it's salt requires, they battle for everything, they have a few lads with skills to compliment the work rate, and most important of all they never give up.
Playing them on their patch at Temple Newsham will be a real test for our ability to continue in our ability to put mistakes into the memory bank and implement strategies to put them right, not to dwell on any crap, to show to one another that we are team of bright and intelligent lads that learn, and learn quickly, and finally and most important of all, in our development as a team.
I'm looking forward to dusting off the derby game, correcting our mistakes, running around and working bloody hard for each other,doing all the things we know we can do and getting back on track.

So....once again, congrats to Andy and his doubts that you were the better team on the day.
We've still got a few games in hand on you, so there's still all to play for, and next time we meet, hopefully we'll both have a keeper, we, the 4ths that is, will have learned our lessons that we were taught yesterday and the 4ths will give you more of a test.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 1 - 5 Old Modernians III ()

Name Goals Details
1 John Ainley   1
2 Jay Atkinson  
3 Joel Beaumont   mom...well played joel
4 Neil Bennington  
5 Sean Doherty  
6 Wayne Fitch  
7 Scot Gamble   goal keeper 2nd half...cheers
8 Neil Gordon  
9 James Haworth  
10 Nigel Hodgkins  
11 Carl Horigan  
12 Matty Lewis   goalkeep 1st half...cheers
13 Sam Young  
14 A.N. Other