Match Report

Match Report - 10 Apr 2021, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds beat Wyke Wanderers Reserves

Hard work, simple football, hard work, correct decisions, hard work, pass and move, hard work, hard work, hard work.

The score line was a fair reflection of this game. We worked for this result, and this was certainly no accident.

As a team we knew we had to graft and the boys really worked hard. Getting consistently got close to the opposition when they were in possession making it a real challenge for them to play any football. Wyke had a clear game plan, they wanted to play 2 or 3 short passes across the back and play their quick strikers into the channels. Kyle and Jack worked tirelessly as a front two, supported by Francey, Duval and Lucas in forcing mistakes from Wyke in their own half. Their out ball as a result was comfortably swept up by Kluska and Co. in our defence, which looked solid throughout the game. Wyke managed to get in behind once or twice but never had the quality to cause any concern for Gibbo.

Our midfield looked comfortable, Gillott played a blinder of a game as the midfield general, with Duval adding creativity and at times a very direct problem for Wyke. As a team we played sensible football and we played simple short passes, Wyke were never allowed to settle and we made the most having the majority of the football.

Goals from set pieces and rehearsed passages of play. Lucas and Duval both showed real quality from free kicks around the box and we could have added more goals on another day, their keeper made some simple but important saves and we missed the target when we should have been more clinical.

Skelton and Glossop also played their part, excellent communication throughout and never over committing were key to us being able to keep a clean sheet. Gibbo was kept quiet because of our shape, because of our hard work and because we made things difficult for Wyke. When called upon though, a superbly saved penalty which may have been soft was the most notable contribution (other than the completely unnecessary and blatently attention seeking roar of "kkeeeeeeppppppeeeeerrrrrss" at 2 - 0 with 5 minutes left.. We see you Gibbo, we see you and appreciate you.

The whole squad played an important part in the result on saturday. A solid first 45 minutes from Cowie, replaced at half time by new boy Ed who looked comfortable and looked to play the ball on the floor. Luke and Elliot replaced Francey and Skelly adding some more stability in the midfield as Wyke tried to push men forward. Norris and Nick on for Jack and Kyle as a front two. Nick should have scored a couple of times too!

Still work to do at training, and an important game on Monday night away at Ilkley Town.

MOTM - Jack Sewell


"Your next to the motorway in Wyke, not in the champions league mate... why you stuttering..."

Wyke Wanderers Reserves 0 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Matt Skelton  
3 Charlie Glossop  
4 Adam Gillott  
5 Daniel Kluska  
6 David Cowie  
7 James France  
8 Duval Donaldson   1
9 Jack Sewell   1
10 Kyle Mangan  
11 Lucas Sefton   1
12 Luke Hallas  
13 Nick Stubley  
14 sam norris  
15 Edward Gilchrist  
16 Elliott Coultas  
17 A.N. Other  
18 A.N. Other  
19 A.N. Other  
20 A.N. Other  
21 Daniel Greig  
22 Oliver Bausor  
23 Nick Powell  
24 Gary Lovelace  
25 Chris Roy