Match Report

Match Report - 27 Jul 2021, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts beat Bramhope FC

The Mods, playing like ‘prime Barcelona’ crafted a quite beautifully controlled performance in the leafy surroundings of Bramhope tonight.
This, the first game of pre-season 21/22 had everything we love; Because it’s late and I am tired I am going to do this in list form, it had...A hi viz goal keeper (Al Hay) dealing with occaisional wobbly shots and sweeping like prime Neuer; Overlapping, intercepting, marauding full backs (Amrit, Tom, Langley) smashing it across the face of goal, dominant rhyming centre backs (Briggs and Griggs) controlling their forwards and winning their battles; a couple of good debuts (Lucas the vunderkid and Tom ‘Song’ Thrussel); an alliterative strike partnership (Ross and Reiss) working in tandem like fine wine and cheese (I loved those back heel nutmeg passes you two were throwing in occasionally in their box); a creative AND high pressing midfield (Henry, Magic Man, Mikey, Stu) nibbling away and suffocating all (bram)hope; an ex Mod (Nathan) getting gubbed by the scoreline and occasionally put on his arse (this is in the top 10 things you love to see); 3 different kind of goals; and of course, no game would be complete without the late withdrawals all managers expect due to A) late night tailoring demands (Duu); B) emergency vet visits (Adam); C) covid isolation (Clax) and D) simply forgetting (Forrest).

Man of the Match. Mikey ‘Makele’ Hall
Goal scorers: Reiss Silva x 2 and Henry King

Bramhope FC 0 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts ()

Name Goals Details
1 Alex Hay  
2 Sam Langley  
3 A.N. Other  
4 Tom Thrussell  
5 A.N. Other  
6 A.N. Other  
7 A.N. Other  
8 Mikey Hall  
9 Lucas Sefton  
10 Stuart Flint  
11 Reiss Silva   2
12 A.N. Other  
13 Alex Briggs  
14 A.N. Other  
15 Henry King   1
16 Ross Mackenley  
17 Amrit Chahal  
18 Philip Daniels  
19 Gary Lovelace  
20 Josh Smith  
21 Oliver Bausor  
22 Daniel Greig  
23 Chris Roy