Match Report

Match Report - 23 Aug 2021, Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds drew with Kirk Deighton

Leeds Modernians Res -- vs -- Kirk Deighton Rangers Res

A physical encounter, not helped by the referee's inability to cope with the constant groans, moans and petulance from what should have been a mature and robust Kirk Deighton side; we accept a point having gone down to 10 men for the last 15 minutes despite twice going ahead; albeit we were without any doubt the better football side.

We started well, playing good football and getting in behind the Kirk Deighton back line. Kyle worked the centre halves well but was unable to make the most of some really well created chances. We made the majority of possession count towards creating at least half chances, with crosses in good areas, plenty of corners and set pieces and some more direct chances that were all either well defended by our opposition or wasted by us. Goals will come and we will continue to create. Nick, Baz, Aaron and Skelton all played an important part in mopping up the long ball which was Kirk Deighton's only route into our half. A solid display for the first 45 minutes but disappointed not to have taken at least a goal into half time.

One change at half time saw Kyle replaced by Ope having worked his socks off saw a change in dynamic for the team. The link up play between Ope, Paul, JP and Lucas saw us continue the second half where we left the first but without causing the Kirk Deighton keeper too many problems, this needs to improve.

The first goal of the game came when Lucas was replaced by Henry who found space on the edge of the box and calmly passed the ball into the net. Super finish on the back of a very impressive passage of passing through the opposition lines. Great goal, more of those please this season for the club, see an opportunity and take it rather than wondering; 'what if I hit that'. We were now well on top and we deserved our goal, but poor game management and a silly foul 30 yards out left Kirk Deighton's chief complainer hit a free kick directly into our wall which unfortunately fell straight back to the complainer who slotted the ball with venom past Gibbo who had a clear sight of the ball but in reality had absolutely no chance. We could have done better here on 2 parts; 1) Don't give away silly free kicks close to our box, 2) Get out to the ball and react quicker to the rebound. Game management is something that I have touched on before, particularly given our disappointment against Beeson the previous week, we have to be mentally a little smarter.

Despite giving away a cheap goal we remained on top and we continued to ask more questions of our opposition than they were asking of us. Adam was a constant source of energy down our left hand side and we were getting success. Paul on the right hand side was clearly tiring but defensively did everything perfectly. Our next goal came from a pin point pass from Barry Naylor who threaded the ball between the Kirk Deighton right sided centre back and their right back which Adam squared to Ope. It sometimes doesn't matter how the ball gets into the back of the net, just as long as it gets there. A goal on debut for Ope, well done.

As competitive as the game was, I have no issues in saying the we were the better side. Unfortunately for us on Saturday it is not always the better side who end up victorious and this is how the remainder of the game panned out. Kirk Deighton's second goal was another strike of luck when a ball bouncing in and around our area left a player of the opposition with too much time and space and unchallenged he lofted the ball into the net.

We looked to play the ball out in the right areas and we were clever with possession in the main, Kirk Deighton looked to hoof the ball long in hope that we would made a mistake in our defensive duty. A silly second yellow card from Sam Griggs proceeded by a strip tease for the referee and another goal from Kirk Deighton levelled affairs. We had no option but to hold out for the last 15 minutes, and credit to everyone for work rates and effort, these are not in question. With further apologies to Stuart Flint, Ethan Weatherup and Ben Charles-Hill for not getting on, this is completely on me as I simply could not change the pattern of the game.

Lots of positive to take, despite being hacked off with a point we remain unbeaten following our promotion into the division. A record we share only with four other teams in the league after 2 games! This shows how competitive this league will be, and I cannot wait for further tests in the top tier of reserve team amateur football in West Yorkshire.

MOTM - Josh Naylor

Leeds Modernians Football Club 2nds 2 - 2 Kirk Deighton ()

Name Goals Details
1 Matt Gibbons  
2 Matt Skelton  
3 Aaron Drew  
4 Sam Griggs  
5 Nick Stubley  
6 Josh Naylor  
7 Paul Hands  
8 Joe Pancisi  
9 Kyle Mangan  
10 Ethan Weatherup  
11 Lucas Sefton  
12 Jordan Howes  
13 Stuart Flint  
14 Henry King   1
15 Ope Aladegbola   1
16 Ben Charles-Hill  
17 A.N. Other  
18 A.N. Other  
19 A.N. Other  
20 Daniel Greig  
21 Oliver Bausor  
22 Josh Smith  
23 Nick Powell  
24 Gary Lovelace  
25 Chris Roy