Match Report

Match Report - 13 Aug 2022, Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts lost to Salts FC

Disappointing to lose this, especially as we were 2-1 up with 20 to go. Conceded a late dodgy penalty when the ball popped up off Lyall's foot and hit his hand, then a last kick winner from the edge of the box when we switched off at the vital moment. Deserved at least a point, but can create more with a bit more patience in our build up play. A work in progress including good competitive debuts for Rory; Emmanuel; Mahad; Leon; Lyall and Omuar.
We finished the game a bit ragged with a lack of experience on the pitch, but it's one to learn from. Lot's of positives in the revolution.
Goals from Ope and Rory (one in each half).

Leeds Modernians Football Club 1sts 2 - 3 Salts FC ()

Name Goals Details
1 Leon Heppell  
2 Richard Fryer  
3 Charlie Glossop  
4 Charlie Stoker  
5 Liam Barton  
6 Emmanuel Okoro  
7 Lucas Sefton  
8 Mahad Ahmed  
9 Ope Aladegbola   1
10 Henry King  
11 Amrit Chahal  
12 Sam Langley  
13 Josh Naylor  
14 Rory Hunt   1
15 A.N. Other  
16 Saleh Omar  
17 A.N. Other  
18 Chris Roy  
19 Ben Whitaker  
20 Josh Smith  
21 Gary Lovelace