Match Report

Match Report - 11 Apr 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths drew with Bramley Juniors OB III

A great game of footy. Both teams highly competitive. Every tackle, header, second ball contested. Every blade of grass covered with sweat, and blood for the cause.
Both teams well matched. Both teams going all out for the win.
Rob and Chris up front in their first game as partnership worked brilliant together. Great comnbination.
Scot and Sam back together as the rocks in defence.
Ashton in great form.
Joe and Joel working their socks off on the flanks.
Sean diplaying all his skill and guile, passing, probing, and along with Yank Tank bossed Centre Mid.
Fitchy and I rounding things off with experience, sheer bloody hard work, no shortage of skill and none of their young players out wide were going to get the better of us two.
In the second half John and Carl came on with Carl showing his pace and 100% effort and John worked like a Trojan and gave the team belief throughout.
Finally, and not least Hawie suring things up for the midfield with that great engine he has.
Thought we shaded the first half in terms of chances and the second half was overall an even affair.
They had a few efforts, we had a few efforts (I even hit the crossbar...yes me!).
With 3 minutes to go a shot was drilled on target from 20yards out from an on rushing Bramley midfielder, Ashton saved well only for the ball to squirm out and with Scot, Sam, their striker's all diving at the ball, their striker got to the ball first and smashed home from 2 yards out.
Sick sick sick. Not again not again not again.
But with John A's shouts of 'come on, there's time, we're going to do it...COME ON LADS BELIEVE' , everyone got their heads up immediately. The cramp, the sweat irrelevant for we had to score, had to believe.
In the 91st minute Sean delivered the corner, a pull back, a great spot for Hawie 12 yards out, Hawie swung and missed, the ball fizzed to Rob who capped of a great game by smashing the ball into the roof of the net.
1 minute later after Ashton's goal kick Jef The Ref (who had a good game, even though on occasions he gave throw ins and other dead ball situations on the toss of an invisible coin, much to everyone's amusement...good old Jef!) blew his whistle for the final time.
A great game. A massive point for the team. The lads were magnificent.
Each man, and that's what we were out there, played their socks off.
One player however I thought was that extra bit special.
Sam Young was awesome at the back, especially in the second half.
Well played Sam, no doubt in my mind, m.o.m, Ubermensch Ubuntu.
Ubu ubu ubu Sam, you diamond geezer.

Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths 1 - 1 Bramley Juniors OB III ()

Name Goals Details
1 Ashton Rowe  
2 John Ainley   sub:on 55 mins
3 Joel Beaumont   off 55mins
4 Neil Bennington  
5 Sean Doherty  
6 Wayne Fitch  
7 Scot Gamble  
8 Neil Gordon   off 65mins
9 James Haworth   sub:on 65mins
10 Carl Horigan   sub: on 55mins
11 Chris O'Reilly  
12 Rob Wright   1
13 Sam Young   m.o.m. ubermensch ubuntu
14 Joe Ward   off 55mins