Match Report

Match Report - 02 May 2009, Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths lost to Old Batelians III

Match Report
Old Batelians 6 Old Mods 3 (HT2:2)
Our last game against Batelians was a fun day out.
Two halves of ‘pick n’ mix selection’ out of the bag for positions.
We bossed the first 20 mins.
Jay and Scot reveling in their chance up front and Ash surging forward from centre mid.
Carl putting in a towering performance as CB!
Sean the best left back ever.
Jay and Ash scored a quality goal apiece.
Second half we started bright. I scored a goal, but disallowed. We then began to fade. Tired legs. Carl and I had a barny, which looking back was quite silly.
They scored a cracking 5th goal to seal the game.
Carl kept his run of form going with a fine goal near the end.
All in all, the game we all wanted.
We finished the third highest team at the Club.

Old Batelians III 6 - 3 Leeds Modernians Football Club 4ths ()

Name Goals Details
1 Sean Doherty   1st LB 2nd CB
2 Neil Bennington   1st CM 2nd STr
3 Scot Gamble   1st STR 2nd CM
4 Sam Young   1st LM 2nd Sub
5 Neil Gordon   1st CB 2nd Str
6 John Ainley   1st Sub 2nd CM
7 Wayne Fitch   1st GK 2nd RM
8 Jay Atkinson   1 1st STR 2nd Sub
9 Ashton Rowe   1 1st CM 2nd RB
10 Carl Horigan   1 1st CB 2nd LM
11 Joel Beaumont   1st Sub 2nd GK
12 Rob Wright   injured
13 James Haworth   1st RM 2nd CB
14 Kalveer Singh   1st RB 2nd LB