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MODS RACE NIGHT - 11th of October

Put the date in your diary. More updates to follow.



The summer is, officially, over, and the new season is upon us.

After last seasons debacle what we desperately needed was a really good pre season, which is just what we've had; good turn out at training, even when the mid week games were on, just about everyone we wanted to show their face has done and a good number of new recruits have come along who will strengthen all 4 teams. Over 60 people have updated their availability, and I reckon when cricket is over, and the students are back, we will have over 70 players available for selection. This should be too many for 4 teams, which is just what we need, i.e. competition for places. If you miss a weekend this season, there is a good chance you wont have a start, or even a game, the week after, which is just the way it should be if we are to compete in each team, and on all fronts.

So, ask not what the club can do for you (f*** knows we do enough!) ask what you can do for your club, which can be summed up as follows

1. Pay your subs, on time! The cost this year is £25 a month, or £16 if you are a full time student (more than 15 hours) or unwaged. Payable by standing order, bank details being as follows; account name; Old Modernians, account no. 01025058, sort code; 40.27.16, from September to April inclusive. Subs cover all matches, kit wash, training, equipment (kits, balls, medical stuff etc) everything but your boots and shin pads. There is a discount of 10% available if you pay it all up front by september 19th, i.e. £180 or £115 (unwaged/students). Please ensure your s/o is set up by 19th September.   

2. Visit the website on a regular basis, and update your availability at the start of each month for the whole of that month (even if the fixtures are not all out). If you don't update, skippers will simply assume you are unavailable.

3. Confirm your availability, or otherwise, as soon as possible once you have been selected, and by the end of Tuesday at the latest (teams will all be up by tuesday lunchtime at the latest) 

4. Turn up for training!!!

5. Help out your skippers; look after the equipment (balls, flags, pegs etc) take kit to the launderette, just lend a hand!

6. Play your hearts out, enjoy your football, and we will have a great season, guaranteed!

AGM News - Meeting convulsed in cheers at news of the departure from the club of the hideous ghouls who have been holding us back. 

The Football Section AGM took place at the clubhouse on Wednesday 9th of July. It was well attended by the major movers and shakers of the club and a testament to the love of our brotherhood that so many turned out on the night of the second World Cup semi final. 

The main outcomes of the meeting are as follows:

Chairman Tony Mullin confirmed that the club had entered three teams into the YAL and retained one team in the WYL taking our playing strength down from 6 to 4 teams. It was stressed that the emphasis would be very much on winning football matches and that the reorganisation will be judged in these terms. It was very much hoped that the energy expended in chasing scoundrels and dream thieves for money over the last couple of years can now be channelled in the direction of improving playing standards and challenging for leagues and trophies right across the club. It was also hoped that those who remained at the club recognised that we were a club and joined in the various events and ethos of The Mods to continue our glorious destiny. We are determined to avoid the insidious 'team within a team' scenario that saw whole sections of the club not even bother to turn up for important events such as the club dinner.
They're dead to us now anyway. Forget them. 

The Treasurers report was produced which revealed figures that emphasise the need for us as a club to raise further funds from a variety of sources. It was hoped that the contraction in teams would help greatly in that we would have fewer refs, changing rooms and pitches to pay for plus those who remained would actually pay their way rather than skulking into the night like horrific vermin. 

There then followed the election of officers:
President - Paul Challenor
Chair - Tony Mullin
Director of Football - Mick Birch
Vice Chair - Alex Pounsett
Secretary - Gary Lovelace (YAL)  Chris Roy (WYL)
Treasurer - Aidy Shaduwa
Association / Development Committee Rep - Clive Smythe
Fixtures secretary - Gary Lovelace
Social sec/ Fund raiser - TBA
First Team Manager - Rob Turner
Reserve Team Managers - Damien Mellor/Jon Paul Craig
Third Team Manager - Dave Willis
Fourth Team Manager - Gary Lovelace
Club Captain - Si Oliver

There then followed a discussion initiated by the Chair about payment of fines. After a range of views were heard a vote was taken and it was resolved that;
All fines incurred by a player will be paid by the club except in the following circumstances:

*Foul play adjudged by the team manager to be outside the level of tolerance that would benefit the team 
The team manager's judgement to be final in all cases. Individual appeals against managers decision to be taken to the club captain in the first instance. 
It was agreed that fines would be paid within a reasonable 'window' yet to be decided and this will be publicised on the website. 

Subscription rates 2014/15
There was a lengthy discussion regarding these for next season and mention was made of the difficulty in raising funds to cover our outgoings and that whilst enjoyable, the various mandatory socials that we run do not directly go into the Football Section coffers. 
Discussion continued on a variety of methods of raising funds ranging from raffle tickets and potential social events that had a cover charge via ticketing. The general mood was that these alternatives were difficult to generate sufficient funds and often involved a lot of hard work from people who were already doing plenty for the club. 
A proposal to raise the monthly fees for full wage earners to £25 (students, unwaged £16) was discussed and a vote took place that supported this proposal. It was felt that whilst this may represent a significant rise the extra revenue would take the pressure off the need for outside fundraising and help with the inevitable new financial outgoing of paying for fines incurred whilst playing. There was an enquiry as to whether this figure may be frozen for a year to include season 2015/16 but it was thought imprudent to commit ourselves to that given we are unsure of our financial position until the end of each season. The Chair reminded the meeting of the continuing incentive of paying subs in total at the start of the season - by the end of September 2014 so that:

Full (waged) subs = £25 X 8 = £200 - 10% = £180
(unwaged)     = £16 X 8 = £128 - 10% = £115

The meeting closed at 9,07 and members retired to watch the most boring football match in recorded time. 

Days of Grace - Historic meeting as club begins the healing process

In a move to stop the rot at our great club, the football committee met on Wednesday 23d April and decided upon a course of action that will determine the shape of the club for the foreseeable future. 

Among the decisions made on the night, the main ones were to cut the amount of teams that we field each week from 6 to 4. This has come about after the farcical situation of wasted time and energy chasing clowns who:

*Fail to update their availability on the website
*Drop out of teams because they've found something better to do with their time
*Literally steal from the club by avoiding paying their subs and fines
*Never attend training
*Seldom, if ever come back to the club and get involved

It was felt that enough was enough and that the club was being increasingly damaged by turning up to matches with few if any substitutes and being forced to go down the 

dreaded 'mates of mates' route to fill teams with enough bodies to fulfil our fixtures. It's only the herculean efforts of prominent members of the club who have endlessly and tirelessly patched things together and spent far too much time and energy on the kind of takers who have infiltrated the club that have held things together this year. Too few of our fixtures and teams were competitive with the resultant drifting away of the part timers making the situation worse.

Ours is a great club that values the togetherness and unity that being a member should bestow. We should look out for each other and cheer on our mates and enjoy a beer and a bit of banter at the club. Too many people were treating us as some kind of drop in centre to use or not use as they saw fit. You are footballers. You play football in your leisure time. That's what you do. If you've got a party or do to go to, do it after the football, not instead. 

We will be leaner and fitter. We will no longer tolerate being treated so unfairly by a host of takers. Club Chair, Tony Mullin asked for opinions on the subject before the meeting and received a robust response broadly in favour of the need to cut our cloth. Club Secretary, Gary Lovelace will now advise the league of our intention to field three teams in the Yorkshire Amateur League and Chris Roy, our West Yorkshire League secretary will inform this league of our intention to maintain our membership of that league with our first team. All of the committee are resolved to make a success of this change and return our club to a position of prominence in local football and do our best to bring the trophies and titles back to Cookridge. 

This website will be under new management from now on and members of the club are requested and encouraged to regularly log in to see what is happening in the world of Mod. Keep an eye open for details on the legendary club dinner, a Mods Golf Day, the Football AGM and hopefully, a bit of fun and a laugh. 

We remain, in the end, Modsmen. We have worked too hard to allow our great club to return to the bad old days. The future is bright, the future is red and black. 

Mod Bless You All


The "Hall of Fame" now has a new bunch of inductees. The first winners of the MODS Annual Quiz now take their place in history joining the "founding 14" in immortality.




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