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Gary Lovelace Member profile

Captain : Gary Lovelace

Damian Dawtry Member profile Damian Dawtry
40 something professional, 12ft 6", GSOH.
Michael Keeney Member profile Michael Keeney
Slowly working my way to the 6th team!!!
Tony Mullin Member profile Tony Mullin
Started off a long playing career in the lower leagues before dropping down a level at the age of 21. 2 relegations in 4 managerial years has gone some way to junking the theory that bad players make good managers. Still looking for best position after 1000 games of open age football.
John Ramsden Member profile - no photo available John Ramsden
Adolf Hitler, Pol Pot, Genghis Kahn, Fred West, Ian Huntley, John Ramsden, Peter Sutcliffe, Slaughterhouse Steve, Ken Bates, Chris Evans, Harold Shipman, Brian Peel.  
Ian Vinall Member profile Ian Vinall
Anything under 6 goals a game is progress!

Mods Heroes:

Steve Pyle - first Mod I knew to have SatNav

Mick Birch - what a player in his day. That day being 15 February 1972.

Tony Mullin - recently described as "on the edge" by opposition supporters

Gary Lovelace - what a servant to the Mods and still signing mysterious overseas players quite clearly too good for us. NB. Gary nearly lost his place for bollocking me for being late twice in a row. Old dog, new tricks springs to mind.

Byron Wilkinson Member profile Byron Wilkinson
An all round "good egg". Certainly someone you'd like in the trenches with you - he just doesn't know when he's beaten. Played many posistions but favours RB/CB.
Dave Willis Member profile Dave Willis
Has played in every position on offer except for the one he craves most, and he still believes he could do a job up front.

Has been with the club since the dark days of management under "he who shall not be named" and is now the 3rd team manager and is ignoring allpaper talk that his position is under threat.
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