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  • Clive Smythe
  • Smythey
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  • Restored to club prominence after a petition signed by 1.2 million people demanding Ramsden's removal. 
    Yet to have a satisfactory job description beyond 'Carry on being great'.
    As a player Smythey is attributed to have scored a Mods record 1001 career goals including 24000 assists. Played 740 games for the first team gaining man of the match status in 720 of these. In the other 20 he broke his legs in the first five minutes but in each case came a close second in the MOM reckoning. 
    Took over the chairmanship in 2008 to rescue the club from the very depths of despair. After all those worthy of being told to 'get lost' had been thus informed, became redundant and passed on the baton of leadership to the controversial Toby Jugg. 
  • Clubman of the Year - 2008/2009 , Clubman of the Year - 2016/2017
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