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01 May 2017 : The Dinner - 5th May

Dear Mods

Just a reminder of the dinner on Friday 5th May.

The number attending currently stands at 56. If you want to attend and haven't yet let me know, there is still time, as I have agreed with Moghul (who are providing the food) that I'll let them have the final numbers on Wednesday night.

Some other reminders::

Arrive around 7pm for a prompt 7.30pm start

Cost is £20 for the employed, £10 concessions (payable on the night please).

Unless it's unavoidable, please be there if you've said you will.

Looking forward to seeing you there.





03 Apr 2017 : Training

Dear Mods.

As we move out of the rainy season and into the rainy season, our tenure at Horsforth school for training has been completed for this season. 

Training will continue at the club this Wednesday beginning at 6.45. There are plenty of places to hide so you can avoid the warm up part of the evening and emerge mock late, straight into the game. 

Training will then be on an ad hoc basis as there will be mid-week games coming to try and secure our glorious promotion to the promised land. 

Non trainers please ignore this message and carry on with your family bag of Minstrels. 


This applies to the senior section only. Yes, that includes you, Xav.


That is all.

30 Mar 2017 : Please don't ignore this message! - The end of season dinner is on Friday 5th May

Dear Mods

I can now confirm that the end of season dinner will be on Friday 5th May at the club.

As usual, details will follow, but initially we need to discover who wants to come (and let's face it, who doesn't).

Please let me know as soon as possible if you can or can't be there. Replies to croy352@gmail.com or text to 07846 355201

Looking forward to seeing most of you (but not some of you). Spread the word!




19 Jan 2017 : Subs for second half of season


Email Status: Gentle reminder


A belated and heartfelt happy new year to all of our Red and Black heroes. 

Many of you will be aware of the new system in place for collection of subscriptions this year in that we agreed that we would split payment into two lots. Many thanks to those Mods who have already paid their £90 for the second half of the season. 

I am aware that January can be a tough month financially so have held off sending this email accordingly. Can we please have all subs paid by midnight 3d of February please? The sum for the second payment is £90 and the games will be coming thick and fast this year. Do yourself a favour and get this out of the way so you don't have to receive more emails from me in a never ending downward spiral of frustration.

Your Imperial committee met last night and there are a couple of top notch social events in the planning stages so watch out for the opportunity to laugh yourself unconscious in the true spirit of Mod.

Mod be with you. 



Attachments :

05 Dec 2016 : Mods Seniors Christmas Do


Red and Black legends.

In keeping with our 'no bombarding The Brotherhood with boring emails" policy, I am taking this last opportunity to remind you all of our ground breaking evening of mirth, beer and pizza taking place at HQ this coming Saturday.

I am reassured by your official entertainment czars that each team has managed to come up with some sort of contribution for the evening  a big thank you to those brave enough to get involved - its only a laugh. There is still time for any enterprising soul(s) to cobble something together for the evening.

(I wonder who among you can detect the subtle menace in that statement?).

We will provide a mic, a stand and amplification  all you need to provide is whoever is singing he song and a downloaded backing track from Spotify or iTunes.

MC Smythey will compere the evening spreading Christmas goodwill and explicit threats of violence.

We're looking at a 7pm start so either stop behind after your game or go home to wash the shame off your battered and bruised body.

The format should go something like:

* Opening remarks from MC Smythey

* Chris Roy's seasonal yuletide telling off and moan fest

* First four songs - order TBA

* Short set from 'The Smythes' - original songs on a Mods theme

* Grub up

* Final set of four songs - order TBA

* Closing remarks from MC Smythey

* Wild applause

* Fight

With a bit of luck we'll be done by 10-10.30 giving our younger members plenty of time to descend on Leeds like rabid dogs.

Non attenders will at some point have to face me and i can assure you that the questions will come AFTER the punches.

Ho Ho Ho.  See you Saturday.

04 Nov 2016 : Mods Christmas social type event

Dear Mods

In a break with tradition, it has been decided that we are going to going to socialise with each other (including people from the other teams within the club) and to that end we aim to have a social evening at the club on the evening of SATURDAY 10th DECEMBER. It will cost each of you £5 and will include pizza, alcohol (which you'll have to pay for) and KARAOKE, yes KARAOKE.

You may or may not know that each section within the club has to hold a number of social events each year, and this is one of ours, so we (and the club) need your support. We will be selecting everyone for this (as if it was a game of football!), so expect to receive an email telling you you've been selected and it will be up to you to accept that invitation (hopefully). Feel free to bring anyone else who shows the slightest bit of interest.

Your team contacts in this regards are as follows:

1st team - Phil Gillett, 2nd team - Brett Hemingway, 3rd - Paul Green, 4th - Gary Lovelace

More info will follow, but initially we want to get an idea of numbers, so please respond to your 'selection' (which will follow shortly) as soon as possible.I really don't want to have to send out numerous reminders!

Finally, you might want to start having a think about a song of your choice!!


15 Oct 2016 : Mod's Social night out

21 Sep 2016 : Mod's Curry Night - 8:30pm Moguls in Horsforth

14 Sep 2016 : Training returns to Horsforth School Wednesdays 6:50-8pm

02 Sep 2016 : Subs 2016/17

Brothers in Mod

As we have entered September, it is my job to remind you that the first payment of £95 for your yearly subscriptions to Planet Mod is due this month. 

It was agreed at the AGM that subs would be simplified this year into two payments consisting of £95 in September and a further £90 in January. This figure of £185 represents 8 X £20 for match fees PLUS £25 to be members of the Association. 

Blessed Mods are reminded that there is a discount of 10% off match fees if you can pay for the full year. This means a payment of £169 is due in September for those who choose this option. 

Many thanks to those players who have already paid their full amount or the first half of subscriptions. 

A reminder that payment details are as follows:

Sort Code: 402716

Account number: 01025058

A polite reminder that bookings and sendings off need to be paid for. The club is still owed over £150 from outstanding fines from last year. The club has to pay the fines and seeks to receive payment from the player involved. The booking doesn't 'disappear' if you don't pay it. The club pays and suffers as a result. Please don't ignore it. 

We've had three bookings in so far this season and the club has paid these fines to the FA. Please ensure that you enter 'Booking' if paying electronically so you are not pestered. Failing that, pay me (Smythey) or your captain with old fashioned money stuff and I'll amend the records. 

Enjoy your season and win your games. Bring me trophies!