Leeds Modernians Football Club - Fines Rules

Leeds Mods 1st and Reserve Team Fines Rules – 16/17 Season


Late with call/text £1
Late without call/text £2

+15 mins late with call/text £2
+15 mins late without call/text £4

Muddy boots £1
Not showering £1
No flip flops £1

Gimp of the game (vote) £1

Forgetting attire (boots, shin pads etc) £1

Leaving without staying for a drink £1

Boozed up the night before a game £2

MOTM - £1 to enter pre-game, winner to be chosen from entrants and MOM wins £5

All fines will go towards social events

*any player who has a serious issue with a fine can take this up with the fine master Mr. D. Forrest*

*All fines to be kept by team fines master to be used at the end of the season night.